Small business owners’ greatest cybersecurity threat


When most people hear about businesses that have suffered data breaches and other cyber attacks, they assume that the company has been victimized by hackers from Eastern Europe or some other part of the world.

The truth: The hack was most likely committed by an unhappy employee.

Douglas Nadjari, a partner at Ruskin Moscou Faltischek, a Uniondale law firm, recently participated in a data security panel hosted by the Long Island Association.

“Most breaches are . . . internal threats; we’re not talking about the Russians,” Nadjari said. “It is a disgruntled employee or an entrepreneurial employee, somebody who wants to take your data, your client list, your propriety information and they want to use it for themselves.”

As data breaches become more commonplace and costly, businesses need to be proactive about protecting themselves and planning what to do if and when they’re hacked.

Some key panel takeaways, according to the Newsday feature on the panel:

  • Assign employee roles and responsibilities should a hack occur
  • Find out how much damage has been done before you go public
  • Identify all stakeholders–e.g., employees, customers, vendors, legislators; assure all of them that data safety has been restored;
  • Provide for phone answering services to handle calls that may come in
  • Offer free credit monitoring services to customers or clients

Fraud comes in many forms, including embezzlement by trusted employees, managers, and advisors. Preventing it becomes more important every day. Please contact us to see how we can help you and/or your clients and your business.

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